The Heat Networks Industry Council

The Heat Networks Industry Council (HeatNIC) is a joint industry and Government forum that exists to grow the low-carbon heat network sector and help deliver long-term transformation of the UK energy system. Low-carbon heat networks are one of the most cost-effective ways of providing secure, reliable and affordable heat to consumers whilst enabling us to meet our net-zero targets.

What are
heat networks?

Heat networks distribute heat or cooling from centralised sources to a variety of different customers, such as public buildings, shops, offices, hospitals, universities and homes. Whether they are supplying a few neighbouring buildings or entire cities, these highly efficient systems remove the need for individual boilers or heaters in each building connected.


Case Studies

Read about how some of the UK’s heat networks are helping to decarbonise towns, cities and homes.

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About the Hub

The Hub gathers together key information relating to the Government’s Heat Network Transformation Programme (HNTP), its policy and range of supporting initiatives and funds that are supporting the development of new heat networks and improvements to existing ones.


In the News

Below, you’ll find the latest news, developments and updates from the Heat Networks Industry Council and its supporting partners.

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