Connecting companies

The Heat Network Exchange helps heat network companies connect with potential suppliers and partners. It aims to help and bring together the organisations that design, build, operate, and maintain heat networks in one easy to find place.

There are two key areas to offer and request services:

The Supplier Directory

The Supplier Directory is an open directory to bring all heat network services in one handy place, increase cooperation, and unlock new opportunities across the UK heat network sector.

Please note that no assessments are conducted on any entries.

The Noticeboard

The Noticeboard offers businesses the opportunity to post a request for services or equipment. Businesses who have signed up for alerts will automatically receive these requests to their inbox.

Join the Heat Network Exchange

Only registered users can post on the Supplier Directory or The Noticeboard but registrations are free, easy to do, and you can immediately create your profile and post to the noticeboard.


Further information

Should you have any questions regarding the Heat Network Exchange, pleaseĀ email us

Heat Network Exchange Disclaimer

By using this catalogue, you should know that any commercial arrangements you make with suppliers are your own responsibility. The organisations involved in creating this tool bear no responsibility for the arrangements you make by using this tool. If you are unsure what this means or have any concerns, you will need to seek your own legal advice.

This catalogue aims to help organisations to find other organisations who may offer what they cannot source via their existing supplier networks.

No assurance of the suppliers has been carried out. You will need to complete your own assurances and due diligence checks before entering into commercial agreements at your own risk.