Greenford Quay, West London, Switch2 Energy

Greenford Quay is a 2000 property build to rent development in West London. As it was built in phases, Switch2  needed to operate the network to match the demand.

As a large development, the occupation of Greenford Quay was phased over a period of time. As a result, the adoption and ongoing services to Greenford Quay had to be carefully planned and managed to run efficiently and reliably both during the phased build and at full occupation.

With the energy centre fully installed with the equipment to run the full development, the client relied upon Switch2 to use its experience to manage the energy centre demand in the early stages when only 380 of the total 2000 properties were occupied. Switch2

Switch2 is working closely with Greystar and HermeticaBlack through regular meetings to continually review the controls strategies and system performance, ensuring that the efficiencies meet the client’s expectations and deliver an excellent resident experience, as well as meeting environmental, contractual and financial targets.

Optimise has been implemented for a year and there have already been significant improvements in efficiency:

  • Property losses in the first block have reduced by 37%.
  • Overall scheme thermal efficiency (heat) has improved by 30%
  • Efficiency of the heat and electricity generated has increased by 40%.
  • Over 300,000 kg of CO2 has been saved from running the CHPs and generating electricity to feed the residential properties and commercial units.

Read the full case study here. 

“The partnership approach we are taking is ensuring the scheme is managed effectively and according to demand. The optimised solution to reduce costs and carbon enables full transparency of the system and the ability to make changes based on the real time data available to produce positive outcomes for the Greenford Quay residents.”

Chris Holmes
Managing Director at Hermetica Black