KURVE, Cambridge Investment Partnerships

KURVE – a web-app metering and billing solution – gives customers visibility of  their energy usage and can result in up to 28% less energy consumption.

Situated in the heart of Cambridge, just minutes from the vibrant and eclectic Mill Road, sits Ironworks. This development comprises 236 homes of which 68 private and 113 council ones utilise KURVE. The development is led by Cambridge Investment Partnership (CIP) – an equal partnership between Cambridge City Council and Hill Investment Partnerships established in 2017 to address the acute housing need by providing high quality new council homes, market sale homes and commercial and community facilities.

As KURVE is a web-app, accessible on any internet connected device, there is no need for a physical In-Home Display (IHD) for each individual home. This, in turn, means many carbon emissions that would come from manufacturing or replacing an IHD are avoided. On top of potentially reduced energy bills for customers, clients on average see reduced cost-savings on Operational Expenditure (OpEx) – 17%, Capital Expenditure (CapEx) – 60%, and Replacement Expenditure (RepEx) – 97%. As a result, Kurve was  shortlisted twice for the Inside Housing Awards 2022.

Following Ironworks, KURVE was also selected as the metering solution for other developments that are part of the wider scope of Cambridge Investment Partnership, such as Timber Works (217 units), Colville Road (63 units), Campkin Road (71 units), and The Meadows (78 units) – coming to a total of 610 units on KURVE.

Read the full case study here.

“CIP has been a unique partnership, connecting the best of public and private sector expertise, with each party bringing their own values to the table. On a public sector level, KURVE was able to offer a cost-effective solution putting residents at the forefront. On a private sector level, the reduced carbon emissions that KURVE offers was a big priority, especially considering that Hill worked with the Environment Partnership to deliver a green and sustainable future for Ironworks.”

Iain Liversage
Technical Manager at Hill