Vattenfall, Midlothian Energy Ltd

In Scotland, Vattenfall is partnering with Midlothian Council in a first of it’s kind 50/50 joint venture to deliver low-carbon district heating networks.

District heating pipes being positioned in Midlothian

The joint venture came about following Midlothian Council’s declaration of a climate emergency in 2019, and the recognition that the creation of low carbon district heating networks in urban areas is key to the decarbonisation of the community, and lowering the carbon emissions from the Midlothian region.

Reusing heat generated at the Millerhill recycling energy from waste centre, Vattenfall are in the process of creating the infrastructure to serve the new town of Shawfair, with the aim to serve the equivalent of 170,000 homes in the Edinburgh area and beyond by 2050.

Shawfair Town is one of Scotland’s most significant planning and build projects. With the creation of 4,000 homes in what is a new sustainable community. With three schools, walking and cycling pathways and plenty of open public spaces.

The initial phase on the Midlothian Energy Ltd project is expected to reduce 2,500 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. Which is the equivalent of taking 1,200 combustion engine cars off the road.

With heat coming online from 2024 in line with the construction plans for the new town of Shawfair, this is a significant step in the decarbonisation of Scotland and the UK. Made possible through the vision and forward thinking of Midlothian Council, matched with the knowledge and expertise from Vattenfall’s 25 years+ building and delivering heat networks at scale across Europe.

For more information and to track progress as we continue the project build, please visit: Midlothian – Vattenfall Heat UK