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Celsius Energy is a leading company specializing in sustainable heating and cooling solutions through shallow geothermal installations. As a New Energy business of SLB, we bring unparalleled expertise in subsurface characterization and intelligent systems to our proven technology and processes. Our solution uses the Earth as a thermal reservoir, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions from heating and cooling by up to 90%, while also cutting electricity costs by an average of 50%. Celsius Energy has successfully delivered over 100 projects in France and has a growing team of over 100 employees. We are dedicated to expanding our global impact and currently have active operations in the United Kingdom and the USA. 

Our 96 years of experience in subsurface characterization and intelligent systems designs allow our cutting-edge star-shaped drilling technique to maximize the value captured from the available space in any kind of geology and environment, even in dense urban settings. It allows us to lower our footprint at the surface while maximizing the thermal production of the site. We also leverage a range of digital technologies at every step of the process: from project design through the drilling phase to real-time monitoring and reporting during operation, coupled with advanced predictive analytics.

We offer a flexible solution tailored towards diverse customer needs, requiring less surface space in comparison to conventional systems. Our end-to-end solution is comprised of an initial site review, a feasibility study, detailed design, drilling, construction, and project management. The process is simple and aesthetic, helping to create beautiful, sustainable buildings that directly contribute to well-being of its occupants.

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