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Launched nearly 40 years ago, CPV’s Hiline range of pre-insulated pipe systems has evolved well beyond its original steel pre-insulated pipes. It now encompasses a wide array of innovative service pipe options that include thermoplastics, composites and metals – all of which are redefining performance and reliability. The common service pipe options – all of which are encased in bonded polyurethane foam insulation and protected by tough polyethylene casings – include:

Rigid service pipe options (delivered in straight lengths):

  • STEEL – suitable for up to 130°C (cont.)
  • AQUA HEAT – polymer suitable for up to 95°C (cont.)
  • COPPER – suitable for up to 110°C (cont.)
  • GRE – glass-reinforced epoxy – suitable for up to 120°C (cont.)

Flexible service pipe options (delivered in coils):

  • FIBREFLEX– aramid-fibre reinforced polymer – suitable for up to 80°C (cont. at 10bar)
  • FIBREFLEX PRO – aramid-fibre reinforced polymer – suitable for up to 95°C (cont. at 10bar)
  • FLEX – cross-linked PE-Xa suitable for up to 80°C (cont.)
  • S-FLEX – stainless steel suitable for up to 120°C (cont.)

Off-Site Fabrication
In recent years, the company has also launched an increasingly popular off-site fabrication service for both above and below-ground systems that improves quality, speed of installation and helps lower the costs for developers.

Complete Systems
CPV offers a comprehensive and extensive range of standard pre insulated pipes and fittings in various service pipe materials and in addition, components can be prefabricated and pre-insulated to customer’s own specifications and to meet bespoke site requirements. CPV’s Hiline pre-insulated pipes are manufactured in accordance, where applicable, with the requirements of BS EN 253, pre-insulated bonded pipes for underground hot water networks and in an ISO 9001-compliant environment.

World-Class Support
Drawing on four decades of experience, CPV offers world-class advice and support for designers, installers and owners of heating and cooling networks. This includes:

  • Stress analysis – using the industry-leading sisKMR software
  • Surveillance systems – design and on-site support
  • Training – for installers and supervisors at a dedicated UK training centre
  • Tool Sales and Hire – for all aspects of the Hiline systems
  • On-Site Support – from a project’s conception through to long-term maintenance

Find Out More
For further information or to discuss how CPV can assist you then please contact us by calling +44 (0)1794 322 884 or emailing: enquiries@cpv.co.uk  or visit https://www.cpv.co.uk 

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