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If you are part of a public utility or responsible for designing or delivering district heating, Danfoss can offer years of experience and in-depth knowledge of 4G district energy and a number of products and services that can maximize your district heating’s potential. 

Beyond our substantial technical expertise, we realize that today’s district heating utilities are doing more than just supplying heating and cooling to the end-user. You are influencing and operating according to political energy targets and available technologies. Danfoss can show you how district heating utilities play a critical role in lowering CO2 emissions and optimizing energy consumption in cities. 

Why district energy with Danfoss?

We believe that district energy is the most sustainable approach for mitigation of climate changes and improving energy efficiency by providing optimization solutions and optimal temperature control for both demand and supply side.  

Trends in district energy sector are moving:

From single source to multi-source

From fossil to renewables and surplus energy

From high temperature to low temperature district heating

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