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Our products and services:

Guru Hub 2
Capture and display heat network data, plus data from up to four other utilities. The accompanying Guru Pay software is used by your chosen metering and billing provider to offer a variety of pay-as-you-go options or credit billing to your customers.

Guru Pay
Guru Pay allows property managers and metering and billing companies to manage tariffs, manage payments and mitigate debt risk by remotely switching customers between credit and prepayment, extending friendly or emergency credit, and enabling or disabling supply when needed.

Guru Hub 3 Core
Capture heat network data, plus data from up to three other utilities. The accompanying software structures this data ready to be accessed online, or sent to your chosen metering and billing provider ready for credit billing.

Guru Pinpoint
Both Guru Hub 2 and Guru Hub 3 Core also capture heat network performance data every five minutes for analysis via our online analytics platform Guru Pinpoint. Guru Pinpoint uses machine learning algorithms to help you identify and resolve performance issues and improve the efficiency of your heat network.

Guru Integrate
Guru Integrate allows for the remote configuration of electronic HIUs. A Guru Hub 3 Core can be pre-installed on each HIU and the accompanying software allows a variety of HIU settings to be changed. Remote configuration supports improved network efficiency both at commissioning, and after residents have moved in.

Guru Verify
Deliver site-wide acceptance testing in line with ADE/CIBSE Heat Networks Code of Practice 2020 quickly and cost effectively. Test dwellings using the mobile app and track progress across the entire site using the web platform.

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