Hydraulic Analysis Group

Mill House, Hawksworth Road
West Yorkshire
LS18 4JP

With 50 years of experience and over 10,000 studies completed in over 50 countries, we are trusted by the world’s major energy companies to conduct detailed pipeline flow studies. We model and optimise pipelines and pipe networks at the design stage and we also investigate operating problems and proposed changes in operating philosophy on existing systems. 

We construct simulator models directly from GIS data and associated libraries and include components such as Thermal Stores and Boiler Units to support the detailed simulation of Heat Networks. As well as the ability to carry out surge analysis studies, model pressure transients in pipeline networks and simulate highly complex control systems to a high degree of accuracy, we now offer the ability to clean GIS Shape files and simulate thermal stratification in heat network thermal stores to ensure that the storage capacity is accurately modelled.

This extra functionality also improves the performance of our simulators when operating in a real-time environment. Our real-time simulators improve decision making and we have fully operational pipeline simulators (Digital Twins) of water, oil and gas systems all over the world.

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