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IWTM is a non chemical water treatment that creates an environment in closed loop water networks where corrosion cannot take place. IWTM uses VDI2035 as their guiding standard and this is the most stringent water quality standards in the world. 

The Protector series is our next generation of chemical free water treatment units which offer industry leading clean up rates on retrofit solutions and greater protection for new systems. Our Protector units sit around a working pump on the warmest part of the system or operate with their own shunt pump. The Protector cleans and maintain the water quality within a closed loop cooling or heating system using sacrificial magnesium anodes.

Our Protector Profill demineralises raw feed water removing salts, lime, chemicals and other harmful minerals prior to the water entering the system. Our mixed ion exchange resin bed engineers raw fill water to no or low conductivity and helps control the pH level in the water. 


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