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Minipay- Flexible and comprehensive metering and billing.

Minipay is a credit and prepayment, metering and billing service for heat networks. Providing multiple payment methods, Minipay makes it easy for residents to make payments and keep their heating on, meaning customer satisfaction is high and ongoing management is hassle-free for building operators. Minipay provides revenue assurance to network owners, with payment reconciliation and profit and loss accounting made easy.  

Dynamic- Real-time flow control.

Dynamic real-time manages the flow rate and temperature of heat networks in order to maximise efficiency and reduce fuel and carbon usage. By software controlling all elements of the network, it is possible to cut flow rates by more than half whilst still delivering comfort levels. Dynamic provides tools for the identification and resolution of poor performing parts of a heat network and individual units are automatically monitored and parameters updated to improve performance.

Telematic- The difference is the data

Welcome to unparalleled access to data that allows granular remote monitoring, diagnosis and management of heat networks, reducing the time and cost of unplanned maintenance. Telematic is a 24/7/365 platform which leverages unparalleled levels of data to empower specialist heating and hot water advisers to support customers and engineers and provide hassle-free heating.

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