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Recirc is a niche energy consultancy, established to promote, design, supply and operate sewer/wastewater heat recovery (WHR) systems. We are the UK's leading wastewater heat exchange specialists.

Recirc has experience and capability to work on WHR and heat pump projects from initial concept, feasibility and business case development through to detailed design, procurement, installation and operation and maintenance. 

Technical advisor specialising in wastewater heat recovery and cooling.

Feasibility study report writing and presentation of key findings.

Wastewater energy resource assessment, including flow and temperature monitoring and analysis.

Point of wastewater abstraction conceptual design and interface options.

Technology selection and assessment (option appraisal) of wastewater heat recovery/exchange technology options.

Heat pump selection and assessment (option appraisal) including electrical efficiency (COP/SCOP).

Balance of plant electrical (‘parasitic’) load calculations and overall heating system electrical efficiency (SPF).

Energy Centre layouts and general arrangements.

Interface/integration with existing or proposed heating systems (e.g. likely heat load met by existing heating emitters at different hot water heating delivery temperatures).

Commercial support – Use of sewer agreements, financial modelling for WHX projects.

Financial information (CAPEX, OPEX, REPEX, TOTEX) using real project costing data; investment grade detailed financial modelling can also be provided.

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