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EPRi brings together experts from academia and the public, private and third sectors, working closely with colleagues at Glasgow Caledonian University, the Scottish 'think and do' tank Common Weal, our professional networks and the media. Our work is focussed on research, lobbying, media and public engagement, and supporting projects that fit with our ethos. We have a particular interest in renewable heat and the development of 'Danish model' district heating systems using large scale solar thermal and inter-seasonal heat storage. We welcome all opportunities to collaborate with companies and organisations who share our aims of elminating fuel poverty and transitioning to a 100% renewable energy future for Scotland and beyond. As academics and practitioners we share the view that in an energy rich nation it is not acceptable that such a large proportion of households suffer daily the deleterious effects of energy rationing, or that they are forced to manage debts just to maintain a reasonable modern standard of living. We believe we have a duty to continually question our understanding of this modern societal inequality, and the methods and approaches we take to identifying and tackling it.  

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EPRi members are based mainly in Scotland but work across the UK and internationally.


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Please see our Who We Are page: Our three Co-founders alone have collectively accumulated well over 50 years of academic and practitioner experience in the fields we work on.