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Our Business – A fully integrated DH Specialist

1. Consultancy and Design

Feasibility Studies – Adding Value to Design

Our highly-qualified design team work closely with our in-house mechanical and civil team, and the Clients to plan an optimum route that minimises cost and disruption. We often get called on by our Clients to look at feasibility studies for various pipework routes through tunnels, under canals, over canals, under rail tracks and much more. We deploy GPR surveys, topographic surveys and an in-depth utility surveys to help plan the best route for DH pipework. Our CAD Technicians will produce 3-D drawings showing the pipework route, which is used for planning and procurement.

Practicable and Robust Design of Pipework

The key to cost certainty is route optimisation which means getting the most practical pipework route for our Client. Whether the design is done by our Client or by ourselves our installation team gets involved at an early stage to provide valuable input based on their considerable site experience.

The design is standardised as much as possible to reduce cost and improve the installation programme. We pride ourselves on bringing simple robust solutions to sometimes very complex challenges. Our designers also work closely with their counterparts from the pipework supplier to ensure pipework design complements longevity of the system as whole.

Our in-house design coordinator works collaboratively with our Client to ensure a smooth transition of the DH network design into construction phase. We have the capability to compile and submit for approval all pre-construction documentation.

Consents and Approvals

We have solid experience in working with Local Authorities, Network Rail, London Underground (Tfl) and are able to work with our Client to swiftly gain consents and approvals with all third parties to progress the works. This could include Section 50’s (LA’s), Notice of No Objection’s (Network Rail), and most other statutory consents as may be required.

2. Procurement and Installation of DHN Pipework

Procurement of the Pipework

We can procure the best pipework that meet’s the required specification. We have good relationships with all the major pre-insulated pipework suppliers and can pass on substantial discounts on pipework that is procured.

We’re able to access the most extensive range of products and support services to meet the project requirements. Our upfront work at design ensures that we can standardise pipework as much as possible allowing better delivery lead times.

Our in-house mechanical team are trained and competent to carry out most types of jointing (welding and sleeving) that may be required.

Installation of the Pipework (in-house Civils and Mechanical Teams)

We have both in-house civil and mechanical engineering capabilities, both of which complement each other and increase efficiency. We are always fully committed to our Client’s heat on dates and will protect the programme by our capability to increase resources as required.

We also look at any prefabrication of pipework that can be carried out whilst the trench work is being progressed to help speeds thing up. This again helps to maintain programme targets. Our experience allows us to add value by working with our Clients from the very start when arranging lay down areas for the deliveries of pipework right through to final testing and commissioning.

We have an in-house temporary works capability to ensure our schemes work first time and any changes can be turned around quickly. Our welders are best in class, their speed and quality is

impeccable. Our ground workers are skilled and competent in all types of trench work and shoring techniques.

Having many years of groundworks experience allows our teams to plan and execute work to a high professional standard. We probably have the best team of professionals within the DH sector that you could find anywhere in the UK, and will bring the most demanding of projects to a successful completion.

We take health and safety very seriously and have always found a well-organised and tidy site tends to be productive too. Our site managers encourage and reward positive behaviour. We ensure all our excavations are well planned and supported. We have the in-house capability and expertise to carry out all aspects of civil engineering from inception to completion.

Setting the Standards

We have a ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 3834 accreditation which ensures good quality installation in turn lowering maintenance costs for our Client in the long term. Within our quality procedures covering excavation works, pipework installation, and reinstatement there is accountability for every activity. We have in-house trained and competent Class 1 welders and sleevers who are certified and trained to ensure every pre-insulated pipework joint is completed to the highest industry standard.

Trent Energy has also been invited on to the CP1 Compliance Group Steering Committee overseen by the Association of Decentralised Energy to contribute towards valuable discussions with regards to establishing industry wide benching marking of DH installation standards.

We are extremely proud of our safety record and this is a testament to our team in maintaining our mantra of getting it ‘Right First Time’. We maintain a progressive training programme to ensure all the workforce has the right skills and training to do the work safely. We will always work safely or not at all, it’s as simple as that.

3. Design, Fabrication and Installation of Plate Heat Exchangers

We specialise in the design and development of heat exchangers. Our technical team will work with Client specification and provide impartial technical expertise to develop bespoke heat exchanger system for optimum performance. Our understanding of heat transfer interaction, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, and fluid flow will ensure the final product is fit for purpose.

Our fabrication facility can fabricate, transport, install, test and commission the plate heat exchanger providing a ‘one stop shop’ service. In some instances, where required we can build in-situ too.

4. Planned and Preventative Maintenance and Reactive Maintenance

Planned and Preventative Maintenance

We establish partnerships with existing Clients to plan and execute planned preventative maintenance of plant and equipment associated with the Energy Centres and DH Networks.  This ensures the DH network can operate efficiently and improve long term whole-life costs of the system.

Working with our supply chain we can provide temporary boilers and chillers for planned shut downs. Collaborative working with our Client and Suppliers in a seamless manner ensures that all the planned outcomes are delivered in a timely manner.

Reactive Maintenance – Emergency Repair

We have trained teams for our Clients to call out in response to leaks, which have the potential to shut the system down impacting residents and commercial customers.

Our aim is to respond within 3-6 hrs and initially try and mitigate the impact of the leak by trying to use existing isolation valves to limit the number of properties affected. Once the area of the leak is identified by our trained Engineers using the leak detection system, our in-house civils team are mobilised to excavate the areas and expose the source of the leak. In most cases a permanent repair will be carried out to get any affected properties back up and running.

Clients and their Customers alike have praised our frontline response teams in that we are recognised never to leave the jobsite until we have found the leak and have secured heating and/or cooling to the affected customers. Even in the most demanding situations we follow strict protocols to ensure safety of our staff and any third parties.

5. Civil Engineering Services

Trent Energy has a strong civil engineering competency with over 100 years of collective experience shared between the four Directors. They have served on some of the most complex and challenging projects in Europe, some of which include Channel Tunnel Rail Link – Phase 1&2, M11 link road, National Grid – London Power Tunnels, Stanstead Airport – runway rehabilitation.  Their experience has spanned almost all construction sectors.

Our civils capability allows us to offer a full turnkey solution, and our expertise and risk management means that we can plan, organise, and deliver an entire DH project from conception to completion.

Some of the most significant savings in project costs can be made in the civils budget and our view is that the civils should govern the pipework. We work with our Clients to deliver savings and better cost certainty.

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