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YGHP specialise in the design, build and deliver of the highest quality heating and hot water products for the district heating / heat network. Buffer tanks, heat pumps and the flagship product range: The HIU. 

The YGHP HIU range offers high performance, stable control, ease of use and longevity. 

7 year standard warranty is achievable due to the high caliber components used such as: WILO, SWEP & CIMM. Stainless steel insualted pipework with high thermal barrier EPP covers.

YGHP can offer a dedicated UK HIU test regime (BESA) model or project specific pipe orientation / arrangement to suit even the most demanding requirements.

YGHP have a can-do attitude with the flexibility to suit all demands. 

The approcach of YGHP is to offer highest quality products and as much involvement required to ensure a problematic-free project. 

YGHP offer a package that suits developers, installers and consumers. 

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